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Welfare and treatment policy


1.1. Salary policy

Salary policy is implemented according to ICIC's salary policy and system is calculated based on 3P salary. Payday is paid between the 30th of this month and the 5th of the next month, and is transferred to the individual's account at the bank.

1.2. Bonus policy
1.2.1. Quarterly bonus
Each quarter, based on work results and target implementation reports, the Executive Director will decide the amounts and bonuses for the room and for individuals in the room.
1.2.2. Year-end bonus
At the end of each calendar year (financial year end), the Company conducts an evaluation of the goals and work results achieved for the year according to the MBO. The evaluation results are the basis for the annual bonus for the room and the individuals in the room.
1.2.3. Praise, surprise reward
For “Excellent Employee” or “Excellent Team”.
1.2.4. Project-based bonus

2.1. Education policy

Realizing the importance of human resource development training is to build the successor team and create opportunities for employees to improve their capacity. ICIC has a training department to make it easier for employees in the Company to access training programs.
2.2. Recruitment policy - Internship
- Realizing that attracting talented people is equally important as training and developing talented people. ICIC has recruitment policies and admission policies for interns.
- Every year, depending on actual needs, ICIC creates internship conditions for students of universities such as University of Economics, University of Architecture, University of Technology, .... This policy gives priority to the cases introduced by members of the Company.
2.3. Insurance
2.3.1. Employees after officially signing a labor contract with the Company will be entitled to social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance benefits according to regulations.
2.3.2. Annual general health check for employees and managers.
2.3.3. Join Accident Insurance for all employees.
2.4. Visit and encourage employees through programs such as weddings, birthdays, births or condolences to bereaved families.
2.5. Organize events to celebrate holidays and give gifts: International Children's Day, International Women's Day, April 30 and May 1, September 2, Lunar New Year.
2.6. Support employees when in trouble
The CEO will decide to spend on a case-by-case basis (if any).
2.7. Office medicine cabinet

 The company will support the office medicine cabinet at P.HCN, the cost of buying medicines and emergency equipment on the spot (mild cold medicine, headache medicine, local pain reliever, hemostatic medicine, steamed cotton, bandages. …


3.1. commuting car

The company has a policy to support transportation for its employees to go on business trips.
3.2. Phone support
The company has a policy to support phone bills when dealing with customers.
3.3. Lunch support:
In order to take care of the health and create the best rest conditions for employees, the Company supports lunch at the VP, tea and water.
3.4. Costumes, uniforms: according to each specific object
3.5. Travel

-  Commemorating the establishment of the company (March 26, 2002) combined with tourism
-    Based on the allocated budget and the Company's business performance, the Executive Director will annually review the program and regime of vacation travel or suitable alternative form.
-  Travel reward program for individuals with excellent performance
-  Year end party
-    Every year, at the end of the lunar year, the Company organizes a Year end party   to summarize and look back on the past year. This is also an opportunity to exchange and meet individuals in ICIC and recognize the contributions of outstanding individuals.
3.6 Membership of sports clubs
-    The company is gradually building sports clubs for its members to participate. As a club member, you can participate in activities organized by the club: football club, tennis club, badminton...
-    During the application process, based on the Company's business performance, for policies that are no longer appropriate or need to be adjusted. The Executive Director will review and approve the adjustment and the Human Resources Department is responsible for updating and deploying to all members of the Company.
Annually, based on business results and welfare budgets are planned for the following year. The Company reviews and implements applicable welfare policies.