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Introduction ICIC

Established in 2002, ICIC speedy becomes a Vietnam's leading construction supervision and management design consulting firm, successfully expanding our trademark both in domestic and international.

With innovative thinkings, modern technical knowledge and a talented & professional team in all fields, ICIC provides globally standard design solutions in every aspect of the project.

Our services always strive to exceed the expectations of our customers, including from architecture, construction management to Design & Construction Management services providing a full package of solutions.

To become the leading global design provider, ICIC continues to challenge self goals, rooted in business target:

" The company’s growth is only meaningful when it contributes to a happy and fulfilling life for everyone."

Together with a dedicated and creative mind, ICIC continues to expand, diversify and explore worldwide, where inspiring opportunities attract us.



ICIC's motto is to provide the business and Investor with necessary and effective information services right from the time the project was conceived until it was put into operation. So these projects can bring practical benefits to the community and society. Our service is always convenient and flexible, then it can be applied to each different project, whether it is a project that has not been implemented, or is in any stage of the entire construction, to ensure the project has good quality, high aesthetics, and saves investment costs.

ICIC provide almost all services in the field of Construction Investment. Specifically as follows:

    - Investment consulting and construction, research reports pre-feasibility and feasibility     

    - Geology survey      

 - Architectur design of residential, industrial and planning, structural design of concrete, steel, ports, roads, other kinds of foundation treatment works, electricity, HVAC, plumbing systems, and establish total estimated cost of civil and industrial projects.  

    - Application for construction services      

    - Tender consultant      

    - Project Management Consulting

    - Supervision Consultant

    - Interior Design and construction 

Our management team and staff have extensive knowledge about Vietnam market, business acumen, management experience combined with the management system of quality ISO 9001-2015; our knowledge at culture of the country is from Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Southeast Asia to Europe, America ... our goal is to become one of the best selection for Invetors in Vietnam, especially at thie present, Vietnam is a member of WTO, the moment when bring a lot of opportunity interests in investment activities and business between countries. 

Besides, we desire to bring Client the most professional services as well as raising the company's operations outside the territory of Vietnam, and ICIC's plan for 2030 all departments must be able to independently developed in each specialization area. 

We believe that with this development, ICIC will build a Vietnamese brand, a product suitable for Vietnamese culture and people. We are committed to provide high quality services in line with the motto:


 "Best service - Best quality - Best schedule" 


ICIC wishes to become a partner of all business and Investors around the world, worthy of the slogan: 

 "ICIC - Your Lifetime  Consultant  ."