Introduce Ourselves


ICIC gathers the team of more than 170 speacialists including the masters, bachelors, engineers and architects who are dynamic and enthusiastic, fully experienced on construction. All members have the same determination to build-up one Vietnamese brand name with full of Vietnamese characters: enthusiastic, creative and ethical                                                      






    With the objective to provide the investors, the enterprises who invest into Vietnam necessary information and services, ICIC will supply to customers effective services since one project was formed in the mind until it is put into practice with actual activities bringing benefit to community and society. Our services are applied flexibly and conveniently for each project although the project not yet starts or in any stage of the whole project in order to ensure for the project to achieve the best quality, high aesthetic as well as possible to save investment cost. 



We would like to supply our customers the following specialty fields:

   -   Construction & Investment Consultancy.
  -    Urban Planning Design.
  -   Design Consultancies on Architect, C&S, MEP.
  -   Soil Investigation and Topographic Survey.
  -   Legal Submission Services.
  -   Landscape Design, Interior Design & Construction. 
  -   Bidding Consultancy.
  -   Construction Supervision & Project Management.
  -   As-built service.

With the management team and staff who have got deep and broad knowledge on Vietnamese market, sharp in trading, rich experienced in management combined with the supports from the management system of information technology, based on the basis of Quality Management System of ISO 9001:2008; with the understandings onculture, people of our brother countries through the investors from Korea, Taiwan, Japan, South East of Asia, Europe, America…, our objective is to become one of the most optimized selections for the investors coming to Vietnam.




The Member Company





Dinh Nguyen Construction & Interior Consulting Company Limited (DCIC)

Design and construct the interior - exterior.





We do strongly believe that with our company’s development orientation, ICIC will contribute into building up one Vietnamese Brand with the designing products suitable for the culture and people of Vietnam. We would like to commit to provide the high quality services to customers in accordance with our operating guideline:

Best Service – Best Quality – Best Schedule

In order for ICIC to become the fellow for the enterprises, investors during the business operating route with the objective:




ICIC – Your lifetime consultant