With the aim to provide investors and businesses to invest in Vietnam and service information needed, ICIC to provide customers with efficient service when a project is formed in the project ideas to be put into practice with practical activities that benefit the community and society. Our services are flexible and applicable convenience for each project, whether the projects have not started or are in any stage of the entire project to ensure the project has been awarded a quality good, high aesthetics are saving the investment cost.

 ICIC provide almost all services in the field of Construction Investment. Specifically as follows:

      Investment consulting and construction, research reports pre-feasibility and feasibility
  -  Drilling survey and surveying

 Architectural design of residential, industrial and planning, structural design of concrete, steel,ports, roads, other kinds of nail treatment works, electricity, refrigeration, water supply systems, and establish total estimated cost of civil and industrial projects.
  -  Application for construction services
  -   Bidding consultants
  -  Project Management Consulting
  -  Supervision Consultancy Advisory completion
  -  Design and construction of interior

With a management team and staff have extensive knowledge about the Vietnam market, business acumen, management experience combined with support from the management system with information technology-based quality management system ISO 9001-2000; with an understanding of culture, children or brothers of the country through investment to Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe, America ... our goal is to become one of the best options for investors when to Vietnam, especially in times of VN is about to join the WTO, the moment brought a lot of opportunity interests in investment activities and business between countries. 

Besides, with the determination to offer customers the most professional services as well as raising the company's operations outside the territory of Vietnam and plans of ICICI in 2010 to develop the department in the company of the member companies operating in each specialization area. 

We believe that with the development of the company, ICIC will contribute to building a Vietnamese brand with products tailored to the culture and people of Vietnam. We are committed to provide our customers with high quality services in accordance with the motto:   

"Best service - Best quality - Best schedule" 

ICIC to become your partner with businesses, investors throughout the business block, with the aim of: 

 "ICIC - Your Lifetime  Consultant  ."