Project Managerment
For Supervision and Project management consultancy service, through our practical experience, we would like to recommend the indices which would be usefule to evaluate a best consultant service.
With all of the Investors, the most obvious desire is to choose the right consultancy service and project management so that the cost is lowest but at the best quality and best schedule.
 Diagram showing the relevance between Cost and Effect of a Project:    

Before choosing a consultancy service and project management, the problem that the Investors must assess the capacity of the consultancty.

The Investors must define “The difference between a high level project management provider and an unprofessional project management provider”.
An unintentionally lead to a choice of a bad consultant or bad service provider can be make arising cost that the Investor must pay more cost and the benefits can be lost through the following factors:
   - Poor designing

   - Low level Contractor

   - Delay schedule

   - Take time to correction work

   - Too much change

   - The debate (because of disagreements)

   The above problems can be involve to a lot of the relevent matters such as:

Poor Designing

-Decrease of construciton’s life

- Design has many mistakes

- Low-quanlity of buildings works

-Documents have many mistakes

Low level Contractor

- Not clearly

- High risk, high cost

- Abundance of meetings
- Information leakage

- Wrong estimation        
Delay schedule

- Bank interest rate

- Possibility of slow take back

- Opportunites can be lost

- Loss of profit                     

Repeating work

- Pay for second time for Cost

- Pressure of Price

- Pressure of Time

Too much changes

- Bad quality designing

- Bad quality documents

- Contract price is putting up

- Project interruption


- Waste of Time

- Delay project

- Cost of dispute

- Ruin of reputation

-Decrease of quality



Management and Supervision of projects is a very important service during the project implementation, management and Supervision contributed greatly in the quality assurance process and the volume the work.
Understanding the importance of the role of Supervision and Project management, ICIC is committed to providing customers with the best service and ensure the effective of investment in the construction project in Viet Nam.

ICIC’ Supervision service including the following service:

    - Supervision the quanlity of construction site

    - Supervision the Schedule

    - Supervision the quantity of execution works

Overlooking from the position of the construction consultant, we can come to a conclusion that there are 3 factors causing the loss for the management of construction investment as follows:
     - Ability of Management
     - Financial Potential
     - Skill and Experience of technology, the technology and science application in construction.

Thus, we, the construction and investment consultant, especially as a project supervision and management service provider, must understand more about our responsibility about those losses and damages of the Investors in order to have the suitable methods.
Once again, we would like to emphasize that the Consultant is not only an efficient partner of Investors but also will act as owner’s agent to economize investment cost, reduce the execution time and choose the suitable Contractors and right suppliers for the sucessfulness of the projects.